Cheap Pops - Wrestling News & Views - July 19, 2015

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Cheap Pops - July 19, 2015

by Chris Delloiacono, Mike Maillaro and Jeff Ritter

This week!

- NXT Invasion - Women's edition
- Chair shots and Erective Dysfunction...
- Battleground Prediction
- NXT Results
- Lucha Underground Results

NXT Invades Raw

Mike: I thought this was so well done.  Build up a big storyline featuring the WWE women, and then bringing in three very talented women from NXT in Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch to shake things up.  I do think it’s kind of odd to bring them in with Stephanie McMahon, as that should in theory make them heels. BUT, at the same time, no one has supported these talented women behind the scenes more than Triple H and Stephanie, so I am willing to accept this as making sense.

As excited as I am to see the NXT women getting some exposure, I do have a few concerns.

  1. No Bayley. I know that it’s because she hurt her hand, but it just felt like someone was missing. I do think that they will likely bring her up as soon as she’s ready to go. I guess I was sort of looking for a Four Horsemen vibe and we only got three. Actually, they could have included Summer Rae since Charlotte, Sasha and Summer were the original BFF’s.  

  2. Impact on NXT. The last few weeks, the women have been just about the only watchable thing of NXT. Taking out the three most talented NXT women is going to have a huge impact on my enjoyment of NXT. On the bright side, it will definitely make the women’s division in WWE far more entertaining. And Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky definitely deserve to get the exposure of the main roster.

  3. I hope they are used well. Too many people have been brought up from NXT and never seemed to make it in the main roster. That includes Summer Rae and Emma. I would hate to see these three women get the same treatment!

Chris: This segment was a lot of fun, and was better than anything else on the show.  The crowd actually chanted "This is awesome!"  Now, that is indeed AWESOME!  I can't remember the last time that happened during anything involving the main roster Divas.

My biggest takeaway: the segment was built largely like a men's segment.  I don't mean that disrespectfully.  What I'm saying is, it was played straight.  The women did actual wrestling moves to each other and worked like this meant something.  No hair pulling or cat fighting--oh no, this was pro wrestling with women!  Thank you Vince, Trips, Steph...whoever!  It's about damn time.

I'm genuinely excited to see the NXT ladies on the big program, and how they work with Alicia, Naomi, the Bellas, and Tamina.  There's the makings for multiple excellent Diva segments on every Raw.  The show might become more watchable now.  We can only hope!

Jeff: I don’t think it’s time to pull the plug on the NXT Divas division just yet. Owens has been in a program for months with Cena “in the bigs” but continues to be involved in NXT stories with his pending title rematch against Finn Balor. What we’re seeing isn’t a mass exodus of NXT talent to the so-called main roster but simply crossover.The appeal of the Bellas is wearing thin and the company hasn’t shown a whole lot of faith in anyone else of late. The WWE Divas have basically been rotating around the same girls for a couple of years now, give or take AJ Lee. This angle, while very well done, is just a jump start for the WWE Divas, something to freshen the pot. After all, if you bring Bayley up with the other three who’s going to represent NXT? Emma? Bliss? I think at least one of Banks, Flair or Lynch will stay in NXT even if the Raw feud continues.  

Battleground Predictions

King Barrett vs. R-Truth

Mike: I wonder if wrestlers could sue their employers for defamation of character. If so, these two would really be right at the top of the list. Both guys are pretty talented wrestlers who just can’t seem to move up the ranks in the WWE. Come to think about it, both were also victims of the Cena Express. Maybe they should sue John Cena. I wonder if this has had any impact on their sex lives…they should give Kevin Elwell a call (more on him later), this seems like his kind of case.

Of the two, I think you pretty much have to give the win to Barrett. Barrett probably still has quite a few years left in his career, and I would think Truth has to be getting towards the end of his…

Chris: I'm a fan of both gents but I can't even imagine sitting through their 500th match.  They've ruined these guys by making them both into fools that lose almost all the time. How do you take it seriously when either one gets their hand raised in victory?

That said, I'll go with your lead and take the King of losses for the win.

Jeff: First, I want to mention that I’ll be there live as the show is my hometown, beautiful St. Louis, MO, home of America’s favorite baseball team, the Cardinals (HELLO HOUSTON!) and more murders than any other major metropolitan area (HELLO DETROIT!). Second, I want to mention that Ron “R-Truth” Killings had multiple runs with the NWA Championship. Multiple runs. Harley Race has shaved more talent off his face than Killings would have if he were possessed by the ghost of Gorgeous George. Killings should spend the rest of his career jobbing to Lil’ Jimmy. It wouldn’t matter if he was facing Barry Horowitz, Barry O, or Zach Gowen with one leg tied behind his back, I’ll pick whoever he’s facing every time.

Chris Prediction: King Barrett
Jeff Prediction: King Anybody other than R-False
Mike Prediction: King Barrett


Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt   


Chris: This feud has been sleep inducing.  Bray has been on the fast track to nowhere, and Roman has lost his steam.  I imagine WWE still has big plans for Mr. Reigns and Wyatt never wins when it matters.  On the other hand, I could see Bray getting a cheap one here, though, setting up the big win for Reigns at Summer Slam.  I'm going with Bray to get that rare victory against someone other than Dean Ambrose or R-Truth:

Mike: I do like that they have made this feud a little more personal than most of Bray’s feuds with him targeting Reigns’ family. It was definitely better than just generic ramblings with no real rhyme or reason when you give them much thought. BUT, I agree with everything else you said.  Reigns and Wyatt both deserve better than this. I am going with Reigns, assuming WWE still has huge plans for him.

Jeff: Lives were in the hands of Waylon, I mean...Bray Wyatt. People were buying into his gimmick like never before. And now he suffers from the grade 1 concussion he suffered when he knocked heads with the fabled WWE Glass Ceiling. It seems somebody doesn’t like that Husky Harris got over doing Danny Spivey’s old gimmick, and now he wins almost as much as Brother Bo. The difference is Bo gets matches. I seldom seem to see Bray’s name in match results when I bother to look. I much prefer the swamp preacher to The People’s Cousin, but the WWE Doghouse is so legendary I’m surprised there’s not a show for it on the Network yet. Bray Wyatt seems to be chained to that doghouse.

Chris Prediction: Bray Wyatt
Jeff Prediction: The People’s Cousin, Chocolate Reigns
Mike Prediction: Roman Reigns



WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Seth Rollins (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)     

Mike: I actually like the story telling the WWE have done here by systematically eliminating all of Rollins’ allies one by one. Right now, the idea of Rollins beating Lesnar all by himself seems impossible. I will be the first person to criticize the WWE when they do poor storytelling, but I think this has worked real well. Since the odds are so stacked against him, Rollins will probably win this. Maybe setting up a huge rematch for Summer Slam.

Chris: They've done some cool things with this feud, but I just can't get behind Brock being at the top of the card unless he wrestles more. I like him as champ if he defends semi-regularly.  

I agree with Mike that Rollins will walk out with the title somehow. It's such a no-brainer that Brock is winning that there's no way he will. Could Undertaker or Sting get involved somehow? Rumors are swirling both of them will be wrestling high profile bouts at Summer Slam.

Jeff: His BROCK. LESNAR. Tomorrow night, Murder City, USA becomes SUPLEX CITY! I agree, somehow he’ll get screwed out of the title. I also believe I’ll get the chance to high five Seth Rollins from my seat in the upper deck. Thank you for flying F-5 Airlines, Mr. Rollins. We hope you’ll be a repeat customer. I don’t much care what happens here, to be honest. I am only going to see that shaved silverback albino gorilla throw the WWE Champion around like Samsonite luggage in the 70s.

Chris Prediction: Rollins
Jeff Prediction: Brock by DQ
Mike Prediction: Rollins


WWE Intercontinental Championship -  Ryback (c) vs. Big Show vs. The Miz    


Mike: I always feel bad for Miz.  No one in the WWE seems to care more than he does.  He puts a ton of emotion into his matches and promos, even when the WWE gives him lame material to work with.  Lumping him in with these two is just unfortunate.  Hopefully WWE will be shooting another movie with him soon...I would rather him do that instead of seeing him wasted in matches like this.   I don’t see WWE putting the IC title on Big Show, and putting it on Miz just to have him lose it in a day or two again is stupid.

Chris: Sadly, Ryback has a staph infection, so the match isn't happening.  I do actually like where Ryback is going as a character, and I hope this doesn't mean another champ being stripped of the IC gold.  

On the bright side, let's hope Big Show doesn't haul his carcass of boredom out to the ring this fine upcoming evening.  The night will truly be a glorious one if he stays home.

Jeff: Tough for the talent, lucky for me! Hey, I know! How about a rematch between Jericho and Neville from the Japan tour? I’d pay to see that!

Chris Prediction:------
Jeff Prediction: ME!
Mike Prediction: -------



WWE Tag Team Championship-   The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) (c) vs. The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and/or Xavier Woods)    

Chris: This feud has been a lot of fun, and all these guys are being allowed to do great things of late.  I don't see the PTP dropping the straps so soon, but I hope the feud runs through Summer Slam.  

Mike: WWE has been putting some muscle behind the Prime Time Players.  They have even been doing a lot of promotional work lately, which is great for them and WWE.  I’ve enjoyed this feud too, these guys really bring out the best in each other.  I am not expecting PTP to lose the titles yet either.

Jeff: Still waiting for Cryme Time to get back together. And how about The Godfather and Mark Henry, while we’re at it? Or is everyone getting tired of the Connecticut Yankees forcing all of their black talent to fight each other all the time? No, not yet? And, wait, R-Truth is black and fighting a white Brit, so they clearly don’t force everybody of color to fight themselves!” I hear you say. No, of course   I was exaggerating...mostly. Lil’ Jimmy is Vietnamese and Wade Barrett has some soul in him somewhere. Who’s your daddy? Mine was...Gertner.

Chris Prediction: Prime Time Players
Jeff Prediction: Prime Time Players
Mike Prediction: Prime Time Players



WWE United States Championship - John Cena (c) vs. Kevin Owens     

Mike:  I want Owens to win this one so bad. Especially after he lost the NXT title at BEAST IN THE EAST. But a part of my brain keeps pointing to the track record of Cena never loses feuds.  Owens really can’t afford to lose this match...he lost a big tag match on NXT, he lost to Cena last month, he lost to Finn Balor a few weeks ago. You can’t have an unstoppable monster who keeps losing over and over again. So, I am going to say Owens wins this one, and hope that WWE is going to go against their track record here.

Chris: I can't pick against Cena again. The expectation online is that Owens is getting the belt, but that leaves Summer Slam for another rematch and, what, him dropping the title right back. This feud has been surprising so far, so I'm not sure what they'll do. Perhaps a inconclusive finish to this one?

Jeff: NXT, your home for the hottest new names in sports entertainment...and the U.S. Title. Man I wish Cena would go back to Word Life thuggin’, y’all, and start a tag team with R-Truth. Then i could not root for them all at once.When I’m pulling for a chubby family man I don’t even like, I must really have problems with his opponent. I’d like to see Owens take the US Title back to Full Sail until Sami Zayn gets healthy enough to beat him.

Chris Prediction: Cena
Jeff Prediction: Owens
Mike Prediction:  Owens


Randy Orton vs. Sheamus  


Mike: Wiki has to be lying to me. There is no way the WWE booked this match...for a PPV. I actually have no real issue with either of these guys, but they just don’t put on exciting matches. I can’t be the only one who remembers how much the crowd shat all over them the night after Wrestlemania 29? Hell, the whole Fandango movement started because of how bored these guys made the crowd that night… I really have no desire to see them fight again. Sadly, Sheamus used to be my favorite wrestler, but WWE has booked him to be unbearable the last two years. I barely wear my Sheamus shirt anymore. But, I will still pick him to win.

Chris: WWE hasn't done anything vaguely worth watching with either of these guys in ages. Scratch that, Sheamus winning MITB was a jaw dropper. Not sure if it's in a good way, though. I just could care less when Orton is on screen anymore. He's done everything you can do in WWE like twelve times. Sheamus has been an upper midcarder on the road to nowhere for three years.  He doesn't lose much but doesn't do anything of value either. Who wins, who loses, WHO CARES.

I'll go with Orton since Vince jobs everyone out before they get a title run.  

Jeff: Mike, you missed the key fact in that Wiki: Orton is a St. Louis native. He and I went to the same high school (different decades). That’s why he’s on the car. Well, that and Ryback’s injury. That’s also why he’ll lose. Vince doesn’t often put people over at home, because, you know, he always gives the people want they want. If he did, I’d be watching Rusev crush Adam Rose.

Chris Prediction: Orton
Jeff Prediction: Sheamus
Mike Prediction: Sheamus

WWE Broke My Penis!!

Mike:  Uhm...not me personally...the guy in this lawsuit.  My junk works fine, thank you very much.

From Lords of Pain:

A former security guard at the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia is suing WWE and several Superstars after he was hit with a steel chair at a WWE live event in 2013, according to Courthouse News Service. The complaint was filed in late June.

Troy Rivers says he was unexpectedly hit "about the head, neck and back" with a chair at the event. His suit names John Cena, Ryback, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Fandango, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Kane and R-Truth. Rivers is unsure who actually hit him, believing it may be Ambrose, so his attorney is suing every Superstar who competed that night. His attorney Kevin Elwell said:

"We haven't reviewed the video from the event yet, so we're bringing in everyone on the card that night. Only one guy did it, but we don't know which one yet."

Rivers says the incident left him with "serious, significant and permanent personal injuries." River's wife Mary is also a plaintiff in the suit and claims that the incident has deprived her of "conjugal fellowship" with her husband. Troy also claims that because of gross negligence by WWE, he is suffering from "physical and mental anguish, diminishment of his earning capacity, and continues to suffer a loss of enjoyment of life."

The man is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages. WWE issued a written statement in response and said they have no knowledge of "any such incident and the security company that hired the plaintiff doesn't have any record of this matter either. Furthermore, the plaintiff's attorney has admitted he has no basis to sue the individual defendants named in the lawsuit."  

Jeff: Ridiculously frivolous. I’m no doctor, of course, but one chair shot isn’t going to give you Erectile Dysfunction. Surely if he was crushed with a chair another guard would have reported it and come to his aid, and the time would be noted on a report. Not all live events are televised—the WWE runs “house shows” 3 or 4 nights a week. But most of all, it’s stupid to sue everyone in the event when only one of them hit him. You ask me, it’s a money grab. He’ll hope Vince will settle on behalf of his employee. Well surprise, sucker! WWE Superstars are all independent contractors. They don’t get insurance through the WWE. They get a downside guarantee and a bonus based on merchandise sales and in some cases gate receipts. Vince is not legally obligated to do anything in this case. In fact, I have a ticket right here for the WWE show I‘m attending this Sunday. The small print reads: “Holder assumes all risks occurring before, during or after even, including injury by any cause, and releases management facility, league, participants, clubs, artists, their representatives and personnel, Ticketmaster and their respective affiliates and representatives from any related claims.” I have to think that would apply to arena security as well—you sit with your back completely turned from the action even when you hear wrestlers slamming into the wall directly behind you and you don’t at least turn to check if you yourself is in danger? WHAMMO!

Besides, the WWE isn’t stupid. I’ve seen wrestlers checking on audience members who have had incidental contact even while they’re trying to “sell” the move they took. They wouldn’t have let that guy just sit there limply, his conjugal fellowship streaming out of a gaping wound in his medulla oblongata. I’d love to be on that jury trial as the lead juror, or foreman, or whatever they call the guy who reads the verdict to the judge. “Your honor, the jury finds World Wrestling Entertainment and Dean Ambrose (allegedly) not guilty of any wrongdoing. We do, however, find that the plaintiff is…S-A-W-F-T: SAWFT!! Furthermore, if the plaintiff isn’t down with this verdict, we got two words for ya…”S*CK IT!!”   

Mike: I guess I should no longer be surprised by this, but I am amazed how much big companies get sued over the most ridiculous of things.  This guy is claiming that TWO YEARS AGO he got cracked over the head with a chair at a live SOMEONE...and that has destroyed his life.  Including his ability to get it on with his wife. But he didn’t bother telling his bosses or doing anything about it. That all sounds real suspect to me.   

Jeff is probably right. This guy is hoping that the WWE would be willing to pay him off just to make this go away. Especially since you know the press would be all over this story as another example of the evils of professional wrestling. For me, I think the WWE wouldn’t do it, just because they would open themselves up to lawsuits from any others claiming the WWE has ruined their lives.  

Chris: Man, I don't even know how to follow that or what to say about this mess.  Frivolous lawsuits--they keep the crap lawyers of the world very rich.  Shameful that the good attorneys get a bad name from the worthless ones like the one who filed a brief where names are irrelevant to the narrative.

Hey, names being irrelevant to the narrative sounds like Vince's current writing. It don't need to make any kind of sense to be put out there.

Hernandez Gone From TNA - Still under contract to Lucha Underground

From Lords of Pain:

Hernandez is no longer with TNA after just recently returning to the company and joining The Beat Down Clan, following a run with Lucha Underground. His departure is due to issues between TNA and Lucha Underground that have led to planned Impact Wrestling segments being pulled from upcoming episodes and storylines being dropped.

Hernandez was reportedly signed by TNA after telling officials that contractually, he was free and clear to do so. After Hernandez returned at the TNA tapings, Lucha Underground officials contacted TNA and informed them that Hernandez was still under contract to them and couldn't legally appear on TNA programming.

TNA was put into a situation where they could be sued but faced another problem because Impact is taped well in advance and Hernandez had been used with The BDC. TNA officials reportedly tried to work out a deal with Lucha Underground that would allow the existing taped footage to be used and even offered to pay Lucha Underground for Hernandez' appearances but Lucha Underground turned them down.

TNA has made the decision to drop all current BDC storylines because they can't use the footage and it would have been impossible to edit around Hernandez. This obviously puts BDC members MVP and Kenny King in a bad spot as they could be off TV for some time. TNA is planning on replacing those matches and vignettes with existing material, including some from the recent Slammiversary pay-per-view. They will be filming material at the late-July TV tapings in Orlando that they can drop into those previously taped segments which can't be used. </blockquote>

Mike: I hate to sound purely selfish, but I am sort of glad for this news.  I’ve really liked Hernandez in Lucha Underground, and I was really hoping that if there is a season 2 of Lucha Underground he would take on a bigger role.  He has some great moves, and the cockiness of his character comes through real well in his ring work.  Too many wrestlers seem to abandon their character once they get in a match, but Hernandez always seemed to keep that up front.

I am real surprised TNA allowed themselves to make a mistake like this.  You’d think they would have lawyers carefully reviewing contracts and make sure all their deals are legit.  Especially since the Beat Down Club seemed to be a big part of TNA’s plans moving forward.  Instead, they had to scrap a lot of what they had planned and scramble to salvage the rest.  This is just not how a professional organization should operate.

Chris: This seems like typical TNA.  Just another embarrassing event in a long line of having no clue for the company.  

Jushin “Thunder” Liger announced for NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN

Mike: One thing I have to give WWE a lot of credit is for they do continue to surprise me sometimes.  Samoa Joe showing up during the last TAKEOVER show was a big one.  And now the announcement that Jushin “Thunder”Liger will be working NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN.   I imagine this is only a one time thing, but WWE doesn’t typically do that. I actually like that they are doing some things more associated with the Indies with NXT, like bringing in Liger for a match.  

Chris: This is outright stunning news.  I'm a huge mark for Liger.  I met him this past winter and that was a great moment in my fandom. He's still capable of putting on a good match, so I look forward to seeing what he and "Prince Pretty" can come up with.

The really strange thing is that Liger is a star from New Japan Pro Wrestling who have booked Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kushida, and some of their American talents on the competing ROH show that's also happening the same night in Brooklyn.  They're literally working at the same time, in the same basic place on competing shows.  That's all kinds of odd.

Mike: Hopefully they can do this with guys like Brian Cage and Ricochet!  I would love to see them getting more attention by wrestling in the WWE.  

Chris: If Lucha Underground gets a season 2 I don't see either of those guys showing up, but we can sure dream. Let's just hope we keep seeing high profile non-WWE talents in NXT.  It will surely keep things interesting.

NXT - July 15, 2015 Results

- Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. Steve Cutler and Elias Sampson with an awesome double team move I had never seen before.

- Recap of the NXT revolution of the Diva division on Raw.

- Samoa Joe def. Axel Tisher with Muscle Buster followed by a choke out.

- Video package for Baron Corbin.  Talks about winning 4 conference championships and several Golden Gloves titles.  He also  talks about playing in the NFL and says that makes him better than any of the indy guys that NXT seems to like pushing.  

- Eva Marie comes out to a sea of boos.  Talks about the NXT Woman’s title match.  Announces she will make her in-ring debut next week.

- Blake and Murphy def Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton with their running suplex into frog splash combo.  After the match, Alexa Bliss orders them to attack Sawyer Fulton.  She then does a Sparkle Splash on him after being thrown into the air by Blake and Murphy.

- Sasha shown backstage getting ready for her title match tonight.

- Sami Zayn comes out to give an update on his condition.  He’s still in a sling. He says 2014 was the best year of his career, but 2015 has been the worst year of his career.  He won’t be back in the ring by the end of the year, but he will be back to get his revenge on Kevin Owens.

- Charlotte is shown backstage getting ready for the NXT Women's Title match.

- Recap of Finn winning NXT title in Japan on July 4.  At San Diego Comic Con, WIlliam Regal announced the main event for NXT Takeover Brooklyn on August 22 will be Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens.  Owens talks about rocking the house in New York City for 8 years.  Japan might be Finn’s second home, but New York is his.

- Sasha Banks def. Charlotte with Bank Statement.  The two hug after the match

Mike: This Jordan/Gable storyline feels like it’s been going on since the Hulkster slammed Andre The Giant. Both Gable and Jordan have strong amateur background and they showed that in the ring with some real cool sequences.  And their finisher was just so damn cool!

Jeff: I have kind of taken a liking to Jordan over the last few months and I thought Gable looked great and had even better charisma. Lots of good possibilities with that talented duo.

Mike: NXT continues to be “jobbers on parade.”  Once again, most of the matches tonight featured “already in the ring” wrestlers.  Axel Tisher looked disgusting.  I am not trying to pretend I am a fitness model, but I would never participate in a televised sporting event without a shirt if I looked like that.

Jeff: Yeah, not even good ‘ol JR can turn a turd into a diamond. Then again, Joe ain’t exactly riding on the Lex Express himself.

Mike: Not sure what they were going for with that Baron Corbin video.  Should someone be so proud of washing out of the NFL?  It seems like what he is known most for in the NFL is being released from teams.  Also, it seemed insulting to the audience.  Most NXT fans like the indy guys. At most, you’re getting cheap heat.  

I felt so bad for the commentators who had to try and sell Eva Marie’s BIG DEBUT next week to an audience who doesn't like or care about her at all.  They were trying their damndest, I have to give them that.

Jeff: How’s that old John Lennon song go? “Everybody’s talking, but no one says a word.” NXT talks too damn much. Too many back stage interviews, too many on stage interviews, too much in ring jibber jabber. You can do all the video packages you want but if they don’t get any actual ring time the Corbins of the world will never get any better.

Mike: The main event was by far the best NXT match since the last Takeover special. Both women but on a high paced, brutal looking match. This feud continues to be epic. They sort of remind me of Lita and Trish or maybe even Dusty and Flair. Two wrestlers whose careers will be linked closely.  

As for the match itself, Charlotte’s stalled power bomb was a hell of a feat of strength. And then she hit a spear that other wrestlers should learn from. I also loved that at the end of the match, Charlotte held on for a long time in the Bank Statement. That made her look real strong even in defeat.

My only complaint is that Charlotte uses too many of her dad’s mannerisms. She is good enough to stand on her own, and I sometimes think reminding us of her lineage all the time takes away from how great she is on her own.  

Jeff: What Michelangelo said. I agree completely. Charlotte even has her old man’s tendency to cry after emotional matches. how many wrestling shows have the talent or the guts to run a ladies match as the Main Event? NXT could do it every other week and it would be perfectly fine to me. One small favor? Bring in Rene Young for commentary on those shows. See ya Byron Saxton!

Lucha Underground Results - July 15, 2015

- Dario Cueto is talking about the Aztec medallions to Pentagon Jr.  He suggests that he might give Pentagon one just for the path of destruction he has ripped through Lucha Underground.  Pentagon says that the medals don’t interest him or his master.  If he wanted them, he would just break Dario’s arm and take all of them.  Pentagon’s sole focus is destroying Vampiro.  Dario asks when we will get to meet Pentagon’s master.  Pentagon says the master will reveal himself when Pentagon proves himself ready.

- Aztec Medal Match - Bengala def. Delavar Daivari with a German Suplex after Delavar crashes into Big Ryck.

- Vampiro abruptly gets up and goes into the ring.  He talks about his long career all over the world.  He says Pentagon keeps pushing him for one more match, but his time has come and gone.  He says that Pentagon reminds him a lot of himself.  Pentagon comes down to the ring.  Pentagon tells Vampiro to stop crying and stop talking crap. He demands an answer.  He mocks him calling him Ian.  Vampiro explains that his life is different now.  He says that Ian will not be facing Pentagon at Ultima Lucha...VAMPIRO WILL!   Vampiro chokeslams Pentagon to punctuate that.

- Sexy Star is getting geared up backstage.  She finds Superfly’s mask in her bag.  Flashback to her beating him to take his mask.  She leaves the mask behind as she walks out of the locker room.

- Aztec Medallion Match - King Cuerno def. Killshot with modified bow submission.

- Aztec Medallion Match - Sexy Star def. Superfly with a tilt of whirl into an armbar in a VERY short match.  Marty the Moth comes out.  He takes the medallion and shows there is a moth on it.  This medal belongs to his tribe.  He wants a chance to fight for it.  Sexy accepts the challenge.  She beats him the same way after a longer match.

- Dario is in the ring.  He wants Prince Puma and Mil Muertes to come down to have a face off now before their match as Ultima Lucha.  Puma comes out without Konnan.  Mil comes out with Catrina.  I miss her already.   Catrina comes down suddenly, pissing Dario off.  Then the Disciples of Death appear as well.  Fight breaks out.  Everyone is attacking Puma.  Konnan comes down with his cane and takes out the Disciples of Death.  Mil takes the cane and clobbers Konnan and Puma.  The Disciples of Death put Konnan into a coffin.  Mil hits the Flatliner on Puma to end the show.

Mike: I feel a little bad for Bengala.  He seems to have some good moves, but there are just so many guys in Lucha Underground wrestling that same style, and he just doesn’t stand out for me at all.  Daivari hasn’t impressed me either.  He just doesn’t have the presence to pull off the spoiled rich guy character.  He could learn a lot from Alberto El Patron.

VAMPIRO!  VAMPIRO!!  I’ve said this before, I have no idea if Vampiro can still go, but I was a huge fan back in WCW, so I can’t wait to see his match with Pentagon.  He will probably put over Pentagon...unless of course there is a plot twist and he’s really...THE MASTER!

The King Cuerno vs Killshot match was real interesting.  They worked a very slow deliberate pace to play up the hunter vs hunter angle.  It worked real well at showing a different side to these very talented wrestlers.  Killshot did a great somersault over the top rope into a hurricarana, and Cuerno followed up with a backbreaker onto the ring apron.  There is always something I have never seen before in Lucha Underground, which is one of the many reasons I love it so much.

Lots of hype here building towards Ultima Lucha in three weeks.  It’s cool how so much of this show was built up during the entire first season of Lucha Underground.  Still no word on a season 2, but I really hope we will get to see more.  The Hernandez story we posted above suggests to me that the Lucha Underground producers are serious about moving forward towards a second season.