CD Giveaway Contest: Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates, "Curtisinterruptedus"

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Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates, "Curtisinterruptedus"

“(Bassist/guitarist) Steve (Norgrove) and I had talked about doing a sort of low-key, homemade acoustic album," says Brian Lisik of Curtisinterruptedus, follow-up to his 2012 release The Mess That Money Could Buy. It is his fourth solo release since cutting his musical teeth as the founder and frontman of ‘90s slop rockers The Giants of Science.

Throughout, the singer and his crack band, the Unfortunates (Norgrove, guitarist Ray Flanagan, and drummer Craig Lisik), along with co-producer Benjamin Payne (drums, guitars, percussion, banjo, backing vocals) and guests including Roberts; Tim Longfellow (Todd Rundgren, Alex Bevan) on piano, organ and accordion; and cellist Matt Reese (The Flying Carpet People) harken back to the sounds of Big Star, Cheap Trick, early Aerosmith and John (when he was still Cougar) Mellencamp.

“If there is one goal I have on any record I do, it’s to take the listener to another place,” Lisik said. “Listening to an album is about taking a 40-minute vacation from wherever you are.”

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The winner is LINDA K. of Mission Viejo, CA.