CD Giveaway Contest: Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, "American Shuffle"

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Brothers Teague and Ian Alexy have been performing as Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank for a decade and just released their fifth album, American Shuffle, on Duluth’s Chaperone Records. For the first time, they worked with a producer, Ryan Young. He’s Trampled by Turtles’ fiddle player and a longtime friend of the pair who played on the Hobo Nephews’ last three records. The brothers tackle some unexpected material on the new album, including former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre (“Old Number Four”) and the legendary Yankees manager Billy Martin (“The Day Billy Martin Quits”).

Ian, who wrote "Old Number Four," readily admits "I was actually a Packers fan and a Vikings fan, if that seems possible. Favre kind of got me more into football than I was, because it was just really fun to watch the guy play. He's just so passionate about the game and just such a courageous player, so he sort of deserves stories and songs, I think." It was the 2010 NFC championship game between the Vikings and New Orleans Saints, "where it looked like Favre was going to do the impossible and take the Vikings to the Super Bowl," that inspired Ian to write "Old Number Four."

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The winner is AMY K. of Minoa, NY.