CD Giveaway Contest: Dan Rodriguez, "Come On Home"

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Dan Rodriguez, "Come On Home"

Dan Rodriguez, an artist based out of Minneapolis, MN, is creating quite a buzz in the Midwest. The groove-based, bluesy over-toned sound of his music, mixed with his powerful, yet seductive voice creates an atmosphere different from other music. It's refreshing, tantalizing, and just plain good!

Rodriguez chose to create Come On Home in Nashville, with the intent of layering a back-to-roots Americana vibe on his work. The fresh setting resulted in totally unblemished emotion for Rodriguez’s finished music: “These are real, honest songs sung with hope and desperation… pain and joy,” he states.

The entire collection of new material is sure to draw fans in with its remarkable honesty and purity. “I finally made the album I’ve always wanted to make,” Rodriguez notes. “There comes a point for an independent artist where you either play it safe and plateau, or you take a huge leap up to the next level. This record is one giant leap of faith and hope and belief in these songs.”

This contest has ended.

The winner is PAT S. of Lakeland, FL.