CD Giveaway Contest: Wyatt Easterling, "Goodbye Hello"

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Wyatt Easterling, "Goodbye Hello"

Long-time industry veteran Wyatt Easterling has spent a good part of his career as a successful songwriter, producer and as the head of A&R for a major label. But it’s often when those such as Easterling step out of the shadows as artists themselves that true music fans are rewarded. Such is the case with Easterling’s latest effort, Goodbye Hello. The album features eleven original songs that speak to love and loss, honoring the past, and a changing outlook on life and on the future.

“In the process of writing these songs I discovered, for the umpteenth time, that life is about facing change and embracing it,” said Easterling.  “As the new album began to come into focus, it dawned on me that I’d been writing songs about my own transitions.”

The album is summarized thus: The songs here are about endings and beginnings, some about living and some about dying, and in the end finding new love and how that brings out the best in us all.

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