CD Giveaway Contest: Joel Meeks, "Pouring Down"

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Joel Meeks, "Pouring Down" EP

Like an old friend you've just met, Joel Meeks is simultaneously captivating and disarming. When you see him live, whether he's performing by himself or rockin' out with a full band, his stage presence immediately fills the entire room with intense, contagious energy. The combination of his youthful spirit and timeless lyrics convey a distinct flavor of country, blues, and soul that leaves audiences feeling rejuvenated; just like a home-cooked meal.

From a gentle whisper ("When I Used To Think About You") to a bloodcurdling scream ("Rain"), Joel's ability to capture the exact emotion his songs require is unparalleled. He's also a multi-instrumentalist, highly proficient on saxophone, harmonica, guitar, mandolin and washboard. His songwriting is understated and tongue-in-cheek, yet profound and honest. It sends you on a roller coaster ride that allows you to laugh at the absurd one moment and feel the sorrow of lost love the next.

This contest has ended.

The winner is PETER G. of Galloway, NJ.