Ho Ho...Whoa! Our December Bombshell Aidan Jay is Truly Explosive!

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December 2016 Bombshell Aidan Jay: Rapunzel

Tis the season for cosplay! Don't believe us? Visit any of your local department stores and take a look. There'll be elves all over the place, not to mention a saint! And just because they're not carrying bows, arrows and swords doesn't mean they're engaging in any less respected version of cosplay. Heck, they're even getting paid for it, so that's something to aspire to!

To round out the year, we wanted to set up a bombshell who would truly blow you away -- someone who would explode off your screen. And we believe we've found just the one to make the end of the year pop!

Our December Critical Blast Bombshell, Aidan Jay, demonstrated a range of cosplay capability, from the demure princes Rapunzel (inset left) to the wise-cracking explosives nut from OVERWATCH, Junkrat (below). Check her out below, then follow her social media connections.

Critical Blast Bombshell, December 2016

Aidan Jay

Interest in Cosplay: Cosplay is a way for me to express myself through art. I absolutely adore the community and have become heavily influenced by the array of exquisite talents.
Introduction to Cosplay: When I was 12, I became massively addicted to Rocky Horror Picture Show. My friends found a midnight matinee in town and deeply wanted to dress up. My elder sister helped me create my first cosplay, Columbia. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
Secret Identity: My name is Aidan and by day I am a chef/baker. By night I'm an artist.
Social Activities: I love going out on the town with my close friends as well as have a strong passion for disc golf. I also do competitive ESports from time to time.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? My material of choice is Eva foam as well as XPS foam. I try to make everything from scratch. It's a very rare chance that I get to cut a corner and use something pre-made. I take great pride in my larger cosplays because of this.
Favorite Cosplay: Junkrat!!!!
Twitter: @goddess_akj
Facebook: @darkfirecosplay
Patreon: /DarkfireCosplay
Instagram: @darkfirecosplay
Twitch.tv @darkfirecosplay

Aiden Jay as Overwatch's JUNKRAT.