Hickman's House of X Delivers Best Comics Story of 2019 to Marvel

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House of X Best Comic 2019

Comics fans run both hot and cold. One of our favorite activities is kvetching about how some of the big comic stories are going in odd, strange, uncomfortable, or flat-out wrong directions. But ask us what our favorites are? Well, then we'll switch gears and tell you all why those exact same stories are captivating our attention and why you should be reading them too!

And so it that we had quite a number of votes for our nominees for Best Comics Story of 2019, starting with some independent titles who made some impressive debuts, like WHITE WIDOW (Absolute Comics) and BIGFOOT BILL (Doug TenNapel).

But it was still the "Big Two" -- DC Comics and Marvel -- that dominated the voting this year, starting with Tom Taylor's DCEASED, an alternate DC Universe where the heroes and villains are all part of a global zombie apocalypse. DC also took large chunks of the pie with DOOMSDAY CLOCK and "Justice / Doom War" which ran through the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE (and netted scribe Scott Snyder this year's Best Comics Writer).

But it was the House of Ideas -- Mighty Marvel Comics -- that walked away with the prize this year, with their X-men revitalization epic, HOUSE OF X, which took a whopping 23 percent of all votes. Consider the fact that the tale was mirrored by the events in sister title POWERS OF X, which got a sizeable 15 percent, and the story in toto garnered well over a third of all the votes cast.

So a tip of the hat to ol' Merry Marvel, and a suggestion that writer Jonathan Hickman get a little bump in the bonus check this year.