See What's Next for DC Super Hero Girls!

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The mega-marketing campaign for DC Super Hero Girls continues to explode with exciting new products! 

They've already lined the shelves with clothing and toys to compliment the popular web-series. More recently they released an original movie and a music video! Now, this weekend at the New York Comic-Con, DC will be announcing some additional products that are sure to find their way into your home!

First up: DC Super Hero Girls LEGOS!

Announced on their Facebook page, DC has added to its ever growing collection of Lego sets by including some of your favorite friends. Supergirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman and more will be a part of the creative world building that only Legos can provide. These sets will be the perfect addition to your already growing collection. Or, for those just getting to the Lego appropriate age, it'll be the perfect place to start!


To be announced: DC Super Hero Girls Comic Book!

In an email sent out yesterday evening, announcing upcoming events at NYCC, DC provided this little nugget of information:

DC All Access - With the success of Rebirth, upcoming crossovers like BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN and titles such as DC SUPER HERO GIRLS and DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS, DC is the talk of comic book fans all over! Join us and our friends for a discussion about what's next (Thurs. 1:45 P.M., Room 1A24).

So we're getting a comic book! This is an excellent way to help kids break into comic books with familiar faces and heroes they can root for. When Superman: Family Adventures was cancelled several years ago, there has been a void in quality all-ages comic books available from the publisher. News of a comic book containing the DC Super Hero Girls goes a long way in restoring confidence that DC is making a commitment to drawing in a younger generation of new readers.

DC should be commended for their efforts in bringing these characters to the forefront of the market. It's finally drawing attention to characters who have been around for years but never given the spotlight they deserve. Having female super hero's that young girls can look up to is so imperative for their confidence and development. 

It's nice to see they're showing the world what we've always known:

Girls can be SUPER!

Something tells me that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg with DC Super Hero Girls. The future for this franchise looks bright and I, for one, couldn't be more excited!