Please Stop The Perversion of Wonder Woman

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Recently, articles have been seeping out onto the internet, looking to capitalize on the success of Wonder Woman.

Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing. Looking for newsworthy tidbits, and analyzing them is what we do in this industry. Unfortunately there's a culture being built around toxicity; blogs saying anything for that elusive 'click' that's so important to increase web traffic.

So naturally, as I predicted, someone has taken what was a cute (and innocent) scene and erected it into something more for shock value.

I realize that for years Wonder Woman and her lasso has been perceived by men as kinky images of domination. There's definitely some role reversal here as Steve Trevor is seen tied up for questioning. And later he's 'oggled' by Diana as he emerges from the healing pool.

But to focus on those elements is a disservice to Patty Jenkins work.

When you go hard on a subject and ignore everything that made WONDER WOMAN good and wholesome, expect to get 'Blasted'. Which is why Gizmodo is being put on blast for allowing a ham-fisted attempt at an article be published, calling attention to Steve Trevor's penis-size. Wonder Woman speaks to one of the loudest and most active groups on the internet: Feminists. And I'm sure they have a mouthful to say on a variety of themes in the movie. But putting focus on something so immature, is a disservice to Patty Jenkins' masterpiece.

There's no reason to insert Steve Trevor's junk into the conversation.

Not only is the article an insult to the hard work, that was put in to such an enjoyable experience, but it pokes fun at male genitalia and penetrates men's insecurities. Such a strange conversation to have about a movie that speaks of forgiveness and love.

The woman who wrote the article spews so much nonsense about Steve Trevor's penis, it's enough to make one gag. She was consumed with perplexity on how an 'above average man' can conceal his entire package in the palm of his hand.

It's not until the comment section that she pulls out the 'he's lying' card, to say what penetrates her thoughts the most.

There are other moments in which Steve Trevor is accused of lying to Diana, and one where he even ADMITS to lying. But the writer decides to give them the shaft by igoring those examples. Instead, the she decides to jump on Trevor's dick, in order to make her point.

It's sad that this is the kind of article we're seeing from, what's supposed to be, a reputable blog. Men are constantly ridiculed for being immature and objectifying women. It's ironic how it took one movie to turn the conversation on its head. WONDER WOMAN was so deep it opened up dialogue on a great number of important topics. Saying that the commentary is about how Steve Trevor stroked his own ego, with a lie, is a bit hard to swallow. 

It's shameful that she focused on the phallic, with a fallacy.

Has she never seen Seinfeld? He was in the pool!


We hope you enjoyed this satirical commentary, but in all seriousness...that Gizmodo article is trash.