The Flash Season 3 Comes at You Fast on Blu-ray

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The Flash Season 3 on BD

In the first season of The Flash, Barry Allen (GRANT GUSTIN) took on the Reverse-Flash (played, most of the time, by TOM CAVANAGH and sometimes by MATT LETSCHER). He was a super-speedster, just like The Flash.

In the second season of The Flash, the producers opened up the multiverse, and Barry took on Zoom (played, most of the time, by TEDDY SEARS). He was a super-speedster, just like The Flash.

In the third season of The Flash, the producers tried something different, and Barry took on Savitar (played, some of the time, by GRANT GUSTIN). He was a super-speedster, just like The Flash.

It's a miracle that, given the replicative nut of each season's plotline, the writers have nonetheless succeeded in making the series as engaging and fun as it is. Much of that is due to the depth of the universes the writers have available to them. They're getting a chance not just to tell Flash stories, but to bring in heroes and villains from all corners of the DC Multiverse, with the exception of the Big Three themselves -- and now that Superman has actually been showing up on SUPERGIRL, how long until we have a fully fleshed-out DC TV universe?

In Savitar, Flash has the most compelling motive ever to stop the villain. Having travelled, accidentally, into the future, Flash bore witness to a nightmare -- the murder of his beloved Iris West (CANDICE PATTON), which his future self wasn't fast enough to stop. From that point forward, Barry has a singular goal: to change the future.

All of this, however, stems from Barry's last attempt to muck with time, when he changed the past and prevented his mother's murder, creating an alternate timeline. He eventually had to undo this change and allow her to die, but the restored timeline still had some fractures -- little changes that nobody knew had taken place except for Barry. But little by little, events from that Flashpoint timeline begin to leak into the new timeline, as people begin to remember their unlived lives, resulting in the arrival of new villains -- and a new hero -- courtesy of the villainous Doctor Alchemy, aka Julian Albert (TOM FELTON) who later becomes a member of Team Flash, joining Cisco Ramone / Vibe (CARLOS VALDES) and Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost (DANIELLE PATTON). Through him, we get the speedster hero of Central City we saw in Flashpoint -- Kid Flash, aka Iris's estranged brother Wally West (KEIYNAN LONSDALE).

The season had a number of great moments that make it stand out. The two-part confrontation with Gorilla Grodd, for instance ("Attack on Gorilla City" and "Attack on Central City"). And the musical team-up episode ("Duet") with Supergirl (Gustin's GLEE alum, MELISSA BENOIST). But perhaps the most-watched show of the entire season was "Invasion!," the story that crossed over SUPERGIRL, ARROW, and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

I could go in-depth on each episode, highlighting the good and nitpicking the bad. But I've already done that, and if you want to know my opinion on any specific episode, I've hyperlinked those reviews in the disc catalog below. Suffice it to say, if you've been waiting for this release before binging on the series, you're going to be in for a fun ride!

The Flash
The Complete Third Season
Disc One Disc Two Disc Three Disc Four
01. Flashpoint
02. Paradox
03. Magenta
04. The New Rogues
05. Monster
06. Shade
Special Features
- Villain School: The Flash Rogues
07. Killer Frost
08. Invasion!
09. The Present
10. Borrowing Problems from the Future
11. Dead or Alive
12. Untouchable
Special Features
- Allied: The Invasion! Complex
13. Attack on Gorilla City
14. Attack on Central City
15. The Wrath of Savitar
16. Into the Speed Force
17. Duet
18. Abra Kadabra
Special Features
- Rise of Gorilla City
- The Flash: Hitting the Fast Note
- The Flash: I'm Your Super Friend
- Harmony in a Flash
- Synchronicity in a Flash
19. The Once and Future Flash
20. I Know Who You Are
21. Cause and Effect
22. Infantino Street
23. Finish Line
Special Features
- The Flash: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
- A Flash in Time: Time Travel in the Flash Universe
- A Conversation with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith
- Gag Reel
4.0 / 5.0