Gallifrey Gift Guide 2016

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Doctor Who Jacket

Who is coming for Christmas!

That is not a question I am asking you, but a statement I am telling you.

As traditional as a Doctor Who Christmas special and as equally looked forward to, a Doctor Who Christmas gift under the tree says you care about that person throughout time.

One gift in the DW gift catalog this year is a very trendy and smart looking, all material Women’s Navy Varsity Jacket.

With a TARDIS Blue body and sleeve cuffs with white stripes, grey sleeves/hood, and white embroidered coat of arms sporting the Time Lord Academy, Gallifrey logo with front pockets, it is quite a good looking article of clothing. I will say that while the Jacket is listed as Navy it is more of a blue that more closely resembles the blue of the TARDIS, but I guess there is no official “Tardis Blue” on the color wheel. (Maybe one day.)

         C:\Users\User\Pictures\Jacket\Jacket with hood.jpg          C:\Users\User\Pictures\Jacket\badge.jpg

The seams are sewn evenly and very well, and look to hold up for years and countless travels through the time continuum. Buttons are the snap variety, and seal with little effort. The hood even has metal eyelets.

          C:\Users\User\Pictures\Jacket\Button with eyelet.jpg             C:\Users\User\Pictures\Jacket\Sleeve.jpg

The collar is fairly thick, and the attached hood, while a little on the light side, will still offer some protection from the elements while looking stylish when not being used as it lies neatly across the back..

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Jacket\Button and tag.jpg

What I like most about this jacket is that it is not loud and gaudy. While some clothing made for a popular show might look like a piece from a Halloween costume, this jacket is very smart looking--the type that will go with a lot of outfits and not call out attention to itself but rather will catch someone’s eye as a nice jacket. And when they look closer and see the Time Lord Academy on the front, that’s when they will tie the blue color together with it and have that “Oh cool! It’s a Doctor Who Jacket!” moment that will make the wearer smile and thank the gift giver every time they step out in it.

LIVE on #Periscope: New TARDIS Christmas ornament from the BBC.

— CriticalBlast (@CriticalBlast) November 22, 2016

While it is not heavy enough for a real cold winter chill, it is perfect for a mild winter or fall/spring day, or to wear to school. I could easily envision Clara Oswald, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Amy Pond or even the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman wearing it very stylishly.

This is a winner of an item that is made well, looks great, and will make anyone happy who finds it under their tree Christmas morning. And if you don’t get one for Christmas but get money from Aunt Suzie or Grandpa Luigi, then you can purchase it for yourself at for $59.98 (and worth every farthing).

A Christmas must-have for any Who fan of the female persuasion.

Rated 5 out of 5

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