Critical Blast & Game Jab Present Top Ten Games of 2016

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2016 is the third year that Critical Blast has done our Best Of awards, but it's the first year that we've had a category for Best Video Game -- largely due to the inclusion of Game Jab as our partners in this (formerly) under-represented arena.

Now, normally, this is where we would tell straight up who the winner is, after telling you who all the other nominees were, as well as include a highly technical (and very scientific) pie chart, because nothing says statistical selection like a pie chart.

But the boys had a different idea. So click the play button below and setting in for the most anticipated awards show on the Internet! (Oscars, eat your heart out!) Because it's time for the...


There you have it! Square Enix takes the prize -- literally, a prize, you all saw it -- for the Best Video Game of 2016 with their efforts put into FINAL FANTASY XV. This won't come as any surprise to the folks at Square Enix  because, well, we told them all about it last week!

Thank YOU Critical Blast fans! We are honored that you chose FINAL FANTASY XV as the best game of 2016! a massive amount of effort and love was poured into this game to be enjoyed by everyone. So we're glad you enjoyed and hope you are looking forward to even more FINAL FANTASY XV goodness coming out in the future!"

 -- Mathew Kishimoto, Senior Marketing Manager at Square Enix

Congratulations, Square Enix team, for a job well done!


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