Nicky the Pixie Takes Critical Blast Bombshell of the Year for 2020

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2020 Bombshell of the Year Nicky the Pixie

The Critical Blast awards have all been announced, but we saved the best for last: the Bombshell of the Year for 2020, based on our readers votes of all twelve of our Bombshell of the Month nominees for the prior year. And while we wanted to announce this earlier this year (we knew the results as of February 1st), we wanted to wait on this one until our Bombshell had her award in-hand, and that meant waiting for order to be taken and to arrive -- which was slightly more complicated this year due to Covid's impact on many trophy shops, many of which rely on intramural high school sports for their income. (This year's trophies came from Icon Trophies and Designs.)

This year's Bombshell of the Year goes to Noé Nicky, aka Nicky the Pixie on Instagram, whose cosplays based on The Witcher, Zelda, Castlevania, and Marvel Comics' Black Cat earned her the May 2020 featured spotlight!

We were pleased and honored to be able to sit and speak with Nicky live to take a deeper dive into her thoughts on cosplay, and get to know better the 2020 Bombshell of the Year!

(Interested in being considered for one of our Bombshell positions? Send us an email to with an example of your cosplay.)