Giving Thanks for Cosplayers: November 2021 Bombshell of the Month, Hannah in Wonderland

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Bombshell of the Month November 2021 Hannah in Wonderland

Every month our staff combs the cosplay community for up-and-coming cosplayers who deserve to have a broader audience for their work, taking into account not only costuming skills and photogenic presence, but also how they use that ability in service to others. Through this, we've not only met some talented cosplayers, but also some fine human beings.

November is the month where, as the year ebbs into a close, we take stock of those things for which we are thankful. And being a part of geek culture in the 21st century, having been part of the decades prior in fandom, we are indeed very grateful for the direction in which the cosplay community has grown, not only for the splendid achievements in costuming but also in the many socially charitable ways in which it has been employed. This November, Critical Blast is honored to introduce to you, our readers, the lovely and talented...


Critical Blast Bombshell, November 2021

Hannah in Wonderland

Supergirl (DC Comics)

Photo: @gabe-g_photography

What is your interest in cosplay?

I love cosplaying for many reasons - the reason I start cosplaying was because I started attending Comic-cons and it was a big part of the whole expensive for some so I wanted to give it a try! I've always loved dressing up for Halloween, themed parties and costume competitions as a child, so finding out about cosplay as a teenager was super exciting for me! As well as cosplaying for events, in the last 4 years of cosplaying I have also enjoyed cosplay for the social media side if it - doing photoshoots in cosplay has been a  super fun past time for me and being able to show the end result to my followers is a great feeling of achievement for both myself and the photographer! It's also a lot of fun to do shoots with friends and my boyfriend @jhbcosplay as we do a lot of cosplays to match each other! I also enjoy the making side to cosplay, although I don't make every cosplay I own as I either don't have the time or skill to do so, being able to be creative and put what skills I do have into practice, or to learn something new, is a great feeling and makes it even more enjoyable to wear the cosplay when it's complete!

How did you get into cosplay, and what was your first cosplay experience?

I first got into cosplay 10 years ago when I attended my first MCM comic-con. Back then I didn't really know much about cosplay, my sister invited me along to go with her and said that people dress up as their favourite characters for the event and as soon as she mentioned "fancy dress" I just knew I had to get involved! For my firsr ever cosplay I quickly put together a Misa from Death Note cosplay. It was far from accurate - just pieces of clothing I sourced from eBay and roughly did my hair and make up like her, but I had fun and enjoyed being Misa for the day!

How has your cosplay evolved since you began?

Since starting out, I have created more accurate and professional looking cosplays. From either commissioning costumes from professional makers/seamstresses, to putting my own costumes together and adding as much detail as I can. A good example of this would be my mera (Aquaman Movie) bodysuit which I spent over 200 hours puff painting and fabric painting the bodysuit to look as close to the suit from the film as I could get it. I have also tried my best to improve my makeup skills to look more like the characters I am trying to portray, as well I wearing wigs, coloured Contacts lenses, etc to complete the looks. You obviously don't need to look like an actor or character to cosplay as them but it is fun experimenting with makeup to create a specific look!

Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

Photo: @hannahlouphotos

What is your "secret identity" outside of cosplaying?

For my day job I am a vehicle technician. So while I may look glamorous during photoshoots, a lot of the time I am in overalls, covered in dirt and grease! It might sound fun, and sometimes it can be, but I would much rather be modelling a new cosplay with my hair and makeup looking pretty! 

What kind of social or charity activities do you get involved in with your cosplay?

Generally I attend a few comicons a year, ranging from big events like MCM to small, local cons. I sometimes attend charity events too, and would like to get more involved with that side of cosplay, it's difficult finding the time with my work schedules!

Peggy Carter, pinup version (Marvel Comics)

Photo: @photrography

Do you make as much of your own costume as possible or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? 

It generally varies, some cosplays I make pretty much entirely from scratch, others I make parts of the costumes and some I don't make at all. It generally depends on if I have the time, skills or equipment to make them, and if I know someone who could do a much better job of making it than myself, I am always open to commissioning someone with the skills and knowledge to make it for me! I don't think it matters if you make or buy a costume, as long as you're having fun and crediting your commissioners for their hard work then that's all that matters! Buying shop bought cosplays and doing closet cosplays is perfectly fine too! I've done many of them myself over the years!

What's your favorite cosplay, your "go to" look that you just love to put on and act out?

I have so many cosplays I love, but Poison Ivy is the cosplay I have worn the most. Partly because it's the first cosplay I properly made so I'm very proud of it but also because I adore the character and I feel very confident cosplaying as her!

Where can people go to find you online?

I am on Twitter and Tiktok, however I am mostly active on my Instagram!