CD Giveaway Contest: Sarah Lou Richards, "The Woman Behind the Curtain"

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Sarah Lou Richards, "The Woman Behind the Curtain"

Americana artist Sarah Lou Richards released her third album, The Woman Behind the Curtain, on November 18th. It marks her first time recording with a full band. The basic elements of her 2010 debut (produced by Henry Paul, frontman for the '90s multi-platinum country band BlackHawk), Ruby Red Shoes — an album that combined sharp, observational songwriting with the hooks of pop music and the twang of country — are still intact, but they've become part of a larger, louder puzzle.

"One of my favorite songs here is a track called 'Nothing Left,' which is about giving all you have until there's nothing left to give," says Richards, a road warrior who's spent the past four years touring. "That's where I'm at in my career right now. I'm stretching the rubber band as far as it'll go. With this new album, I knew it was time to make a bigger sound."

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The winner is GARY E. of Fleetwood, PA.