CD Giveaway Contest: Jacob & the Good People, "Rotten"

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Jacob & the Good People, "Rotten"

Jacob & the Good People create a velvety mixture of hip-hop and electronica on their newest EP, Rotten.

Recorded in Charlotte, NC at 3in1 studios, this EP brings to life what it means to live in Atlanta. “This disc has a faux urban/electronic vice that the previous EP didn’t have,” singer Blazer, says. “It’s a little goofy and intentional.” After moving to Atlanta and spending countless days and nights touring and playing the city, Blazer came to realize that the city had changed him and consequently, his music as well. “This EP in comparison to the last has a very ‘I moved to Atlanta’ vibe,” he says.

This contest has ended.

The winner is Lakwanza W. of Beaumont, TX.