CD Giveaway Contest: Tim Mahoney, "Peace of Winter"

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Tim Mahoney, "Peace of Winter"

Tim Mahoney was a contestant on Adam Levine’s team during the inaugural season of NBC’s The Voice. However, the musician is branching off into an unexpected direction this holiday season, with an instrumental-only EP, Peace of Winter: Live at MacPhail.

“I've always wanted to make something like this. I've been playing piano for years; I learned by ear,” Mahoney explains of his foray into an instrumental direction. “I don't even really think of myself as a player, I just really love the raw simplistic sound of the piano.“

The six-song EP was recorded live for an intimate audience, using a nine-foot Steinway Grand at Antonello Hall located in the MacPhail Center for Music. Mahoney, who teaches rock camps at MacPhail, describes the locale as “Just a very cool space overlooking Minneapolis…It was inspiring.”

He adds that although the project is not technically a Christmas record, he was struck by its overall “wintery” feel, resulting in a decision to release it for the holidays.

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