CD Giveaway Contest: The Jack Kerowax

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Jack Kerowax, The

The Jack Kerowax, composed of musicians from several Dallas-Fort Worth bands, drops its self-titled debut with ten tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered solely on analog equipment.

The group arose out of friendships, collaborations and rehearsals in northeastern Texas. Singer-songwriter Johnny Beauford looked for musicians to play on his new record, but the solo project turned into a full-fledged band.

“Our influences range from classic country to Lou Reed”, says frontman Johnny Beauford. “Lyrically, this record is full of condensed short stories. Most of the stuff I write has some pretty dark undertones, and the music in response, usually seems to have some equally dark overtones. However, there are good times — and despite popular opinion, it is possible to be inspired by joy as easily as depression or anger.”

This contest has ended.

The winner is MICHAEL I. of Dayton, NV.