Indie Ladies 5 CDs Giveaway Contest

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Indie Ladies 5 CDs

Cheryl Barnes wants you to Listen to This, her debut five years in the making and steeped in Jazz and Blues. It features a stellar list of sidemen including Brandon Fields on Sax, John Hammond on Piano, and Rickey Minor on Bass with Orchestration by John Beasley.

Kanisha K. is this multi-talented 21-year-old singer/songwriter's self-titled full-length album featuring the uplifting and empowering track "My Another Day” and new single "Bring Me Home."

With four critically-acclaimed albums already under her belt, Liz Kennedy now has a new collection of songs to share. Influenced by legendary artists like Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Randy Newman and Carole King, Liz adds her own unique, inviting stamp of sandpaper and honey tinged vocals on Speed Bump's 14 dynamic folk/blues influenced pop/rock tracks.

Hieroglyphs of Emotion is the second CD in Mae Edwards' multi-media project "Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism" containing commentaries reflecting her years-long studies into numerous spiritual traditions (Christianity, Buddhism) as well as thought provoking references to folklore, world history, psychology, U.S. travel destinations and popular film.

New Jersey singer/songwriter Evie Archer started writing early but unveiled “On Christmas Day” only last holiday season, and her debut album Life in Sand is now available, with its single "Close To You” breaking through the Adult Contemporary (A/C) music charts.

This contest has ended.

The winner is JOE K. of Waterbury, CT.