A Journey of Discovery at Core of Weil's 806

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806 by Cynthia Weil

If you did not know who your biological father was, would you break the law to find out?  How far would you go?

Katie, or KT, is a teenager who wants to know her biological father.  Her mother, Kim, finally tells Katie where to find, who Katie believes to be, her biological father.  Truth be told, Katie learns her mother and father used a sperm donor: Donor 806.  Through social media, Katie learns of two boys who are also recipients of Donor 806.

The three of them set out on a journey together to find their biological father.  Their experiences are enjoyable, worrisome, and amusing.  Imagine three extremely different teenagers, from three very different homes, on limited funds, driving together to find a man who does not necessarily want to be found or know “his kids” are seeking him out.  All three teenagers have very strong, but different, reasons for wanting to find their biological father.

This story brings three very unlikely teenagers together and builds an unexpected but wonderful family.  They learn important life lessons from each other and mature greatly while on this interesting journey, and you get to join them on their adventure.

I enjoyed this book.  I found myself immediately drawn into the premise.  However, toward the middle, I had to remind myself of something I learned in high school: suspend my disbelief.  I feel the story became a little hokey while a couple characters needed more depth and believability.  Overall, I was entertained by the story.

3.0 / 5.0