The Pros of Cons (Alison Cherry, Lindsay Ribar, Michelle Schusterman)

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The Pros of Cons

Callie is an only child of a world-renowned taxidermist.  She helps her father in his shop as his assistant.  Callie’s mother and father are divorced and, since the divorce, this is about the only time she spends with her dad. 


Phoebe plays in a high school percussion ensemble.  Her best friends are also in the ensemble, and they have been playing together for years.  Phoebe is not a girly-girl and refuses to cry in front of anyone! 


Vanessa writes a fanfic web series and is attending her first comic-con with her on-line co-writer.  Vanessa does not fit in at her high school, but feels there is a place for her online; around people who speak Internet and Fandom, Vanessa feels she is with her own people.


All three girls are in high school, but are attending different conventions at the same hotel in Orlando at the same time.

How on Earth will these three girls meet?  How will their paths cross—or will they?  High school is full of drama, and this book is not short on that.  High school is also a good time to make lasting friendships.  When you need a friend, they may show up when you least expect it.


I enjoyed this novel.  Cleverly, the three authors each wrote about one of the characters which displays a great deal of teamwork. Additionally, the chapters in the book are titled using the character’s name whom the chapter is mostly about.  There is also descriptive artwork by each girl’s name which helps the reader keep the girl’s stories straight.


I believe this novel is best suited for readers over the age of twelve (12) as there is some adult content.  I think the theme of friendship running through the book is wonderful.  I also like the mention of tension between parents and teenagers, as this is normal.  Young adults need to know that what they may be feeling, others feel too.

Teenagers are never truly alone, and it is imperative that they know this. Teens must seek out true friends and talk to their parents, as most parents care and are sincerely interested in their children’s lives.

4.0 / 5.0