The Boy Who Went Magic by A.P. Winter

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Pirates, airships, and floating castles … Oh My!  Bert is dropped off at a boarding school at the young age of three by a cloaked man of mystery.  He is said to be an orphan from the streets.  Bert’s world has a strong government presence, with the royal family fighting to regain more power.  Prince Voss is the head of the royal family and is determined to take over at any cost.

When Bert is thirteen, his school goes on a museum field trip.  Here, things start to happen…magical things!   Bert meets his first pirate, the Professor.  Bert is also drawn through a mirror and begins seeing and hearing things no one else around him can.  He also experiences his powers for the first time.

In Bert’s world, “going magic” is a derogatory comment meant to degrade.  Bert does have one good friend at school named Norton.  Bert tries to keep all that is happening to him a secret.  This becomes extremely difficult as the government officials and Prince Voss begin watching and questioning him.

Life at school becomes unbearable as more unexplained events occur.  Bert eventually escapes from school with the Professor and his daughter, Finch, and the real adventure begins, as Bert is pursued and captured by Prince Voss, escapes to a haunted island, becomes an expert sword fighter, and continues to use his magic.

This mystery novel is extremely entertaining.  I enjoyed going along on all their adventures.  The Boy Who Went Magic is well written and brings creative imagery to the reader.  There is intrigue, struggle, and anticipation for what may happen next.  This novel explores family relationships, and the ending answers questions the reader longs to know.

Debut author A. P. Winter’s novel brings to mind a saying attributed to Jimi Hendrix, an American rock guitarist, composer, and singer: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace.”

5.0 / 5.0