Silver Dolphin Books Teach Rock and Rap History to Toddlers

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Story of Rap Story of Rock

The Story of Rock begins with blues music then goes on to discuss rock and roll. This book illustrates Elvis and the Beatles. It goes on to discuss Woodstock and later mentions the ever-so-timely Queen, before moving on to bands of the 80s. Many, many musicians and groups are depicted. The final statement is, “rock and roll will never, ever die!”

The Story of Rap begins in 1973 when rap began in New York City. It discusses what rap is. It mentions that rap was the first of its kind, and depicts the rappers who made it famous. It states truthfully that rap is just like all music: “For the people … and a work of heart.” 

Both of these stories are written and adapted for toddlers. They characterize the artists in a childlike way. The pages are vibrant and delightful.  I read both these stories to three adorable girl triplets on their second birthday. They were intrigued and interested until my boss came in with candy. After the candy, I again had their interest. After reading both books, one of the little girls wanted to just sit in a chair with both books and look at the pictures. Honestly, the adults listening actually enjoyed the books tremendously. The adults also got a kick out of the characterizations of the musicians. Both these books are educational and informative. Often entertainment for children appeals to adults as well, just on a different level.

These books are cute. They are both produced on chunky, cardboard stock perfect for little hands. Remember, I mentioned the candy. When I got home to write my review, I found several of the pages stuck together, proving the little girls went through them. However, as I pulled them apart, the illustrations ripped. Little children often have sticky hands.  Perhaps the material used to produce or print these books could be of a more durable construction.

4.0 / 5.0