City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

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City of Ghosts

Some of us have parents who are lawyers, plumbers, doctors, investment brokers, pharmacists, or police officers.  Cassidy’s father is a history scholar. Her mother fills in the history with ghost stories, and together they write books.

The family lives in up-state New York with a cat named Grim.  Cassidy loves taking pictures with her clunky, vintage camera.  Unknown to her parents, Cassidy’s life intersects with their careers.  Cassidy was thrown over the railing of a bridge and drowned in the cold river while attempting to take the perfect sunset picture.  However, a ghost named Jacob pulled Cassidy from the water.  Now Cassidy can cross the “Veil” between the living and the dead, and Cassidy and Jacob form a special bond.

School is ending for the summer, and Cassidy’s parents have agreed to take the family along while recording documentaries for TV in different haunted cities around the world.  Their first adventure is in the old city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh, Scotland is full of churches, castles, cobblestone pavements, bridges, parks, cemeteries, and ghost stories.  While visiting, Cassidy and Jacob meet Lara, another girl who can go-between.  From Lara, Cassidy learns more about crossing-over, and the three of them have many adventures together. 

Ms. Schwab has spun an intriguing ghost story while making several references to Harry Potter.  This novel can be the source for any young adult telling ghost stories at a sleepover or a bonfire.  Some of the adventures are quite scary.  Ms Schwab has definitely left room for another novel.

4.0 / 5.0